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NiceOne is a small Munich based company, specialising in nutritional supplements in the field of extreme sports and athletic leisure activities. The founder, Jan Folkard Willms, is a sports enthusiast and medical doctor who is pursuing the development of nutritional solutions to remedy Adrenaline stressed body functions. There is no large pharmaceutical corporation behind NiceOne but many of the best sports talents in the Bavarian Alpine region are part of the fast growing NiceOne community.

Already as a medical student and practitioner of demanding sports such as surfing and snowboarding, Jan was thinking about the side-effects that are part and parcel of such Adrenaline rush driven activities: exhaustion, muscle cramps, burning eyes, enhanced risk of infection. He realised that amateurs as well as infrequent active sport enthusiasts are exposing their bodies to serious strains that come with high-level Adrenaline flushes unleashed during sudden holiday episodes or a series of inconsistent high activity days pushing the body to extreme limits. Short ski and surf holidays or mountain bike and mountaineering weekends are classic examples. Enthusiasts of demanding sports are naturally ambitious and often challenge their bodies not only with sudden boundary-pushing activities but also without adjusting diet accordingly. As an in the best case unpleasant consequence, complete exhaustion, muscular cramps, sore muscles and stressed immune system become part of an otherwise healthy and exhilarating experience.

With the further help of biologists Dr Annemarie Neuner-Kritikos and Anne Bieger-Vöst, Jan developed a series of innovative food supplements containing amino acids, plant extracts, vitamins and minerals that readies the body’s metabolism and build on its resilience to enhanced stress levels. These specific compounds help our body to deal specifically with post-sport conditions more efficient. With the direct help of amateur and award winning athletes, NiceOne formulas are continually optimised and new products developed.

NiceOne GmbH was founded by Dr. Annemarie Neuner-Kritikos, Anne Bieger-Vöst and Jan Folkard Willms, in 2010 and is located at Zenettistr. 47, D-80337 Munich


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