Can't an adrenaline athlete simply take 'normal' nutritional supplements, like magnesium and calcium, for example?

Of course, preparations containing single minerals in highly concentrated form are an option as supplements. The difficulty lies in the choice of which, and the combination of various formulas. Often, formulas contain high concentrations of single substances in order to compensate for a specific deficiency. Because of the diverse and intense physical stresses which adrenaline athletes are exposed to, they need a combination of nutritional sources which will prepare the body optimally for a sport session as well as regeneration afterwards.  NiceOne relieves the athlete of this difficult task, by providing the optimal combination of substances needed most by athletes in extreme sport.

What distinguishes NiceOne from other nutritional supplements?

NiceOne develops formulas especially for the various extreme sport types. We analyse the precise needs of athletes and the physical challenges that each type of sport requires. We study the problems specific to these athletes and the unique conditions such as the negative effects of sunlight on unprotected eyes while surfing. We develop specific solutions which attend to exactly these conditions. We are the only provider of this unique product. There is no other manufacturer of nutritional supplements with this level of standard and specialization to the needs of extreme athletes.

Why do adrenaline athletes need nutritional supplements in the first place?

Today's adrenaline athlete is extremely driven. The higher than average drive to compete along with high tech equipment keep extreme athletes on their physical edge now more than in the past.

Mastering sports like surfing, climbing, MTB, skiing and snowboarding, requires a tremendous amount of training. The fine line between general and competitive sport is easily crossed. Diet is very important for any athlete, but they often do not consider the importance of adding a supplement to their diet in order to address the body's changing needs, as they regularly take the body to its physical limits. Why not?  Modifying diet to conform to changing physical stresses is a science in itself. In periods of increased physical stress, whether it be in training, in competition or simply in free sport or sport holidays, adding a supplement simply makes sense, to keep the body at optimal performance. NiceOne is not a substitute for a healthy diet. It simply provides the body with the needed extra nutrients in times of increased physical stress.

How can I know which products are best for me?

It is important to consider the challenged of each specific type of sport. Is the body stressed over a long period? Is quick and clear reaction a priority? The answers to questions like these are important to address before you bring your body to its physical limits. Our detailed product descriptions explain very precisely how each formula supports the physical body. If you are still not sure which product is best for you, send us your questions via email at: questions@niceone.de .

Isn't a healthy diet enough? Why NiceOne?

A balanced and varied diet is the basis for extreme athletes to excel. Our formulas are never meant to replace this. An optimal combination of the needed nutrients through a normal diet in times of extreme physical stress is always very difficult to achieve. It requires long term experience and professional support to maintain a diet which serves the body optimally. Taking NiceOne formulas can compensate for possible deficiencies and ensures that specific substances are quickly and effectively supplied to the body. There are situations where the body simply needs high concentrations of specific nutrients which are hard to get through a normal diet. It would take a truckload of carrots, for example, to provide the body with sufficient concentrations of eye-protecting elements, which are supplied in normal doses of NiceOne UV protection.

Which specific substances are to be found in NiceOne?

NiceOne develops innovative formulas from minerals, vitamins, amino acids, secondary plant substances and special additional ingredients. The exact formulations of each product are listed on the packaging as well as in the product descriptions .

Can the effects of NiceOne be felt after just one dose?

The effects begin after just one capsule. Whether you can feel the effects immediately varies from product to product and is different for each athlete. We have considered all plant sources in product development, the effects of which are known through many scientific studies as well as through thousands of years of history. The herbal substances in our products have maximum efficiency after a certain period of time, through regular use. There are also ingredients which have an immediate and obvious effect. Caffeine, for example, which fights not only against fatigue, and improves concentration, but also aids with endurance.

Is it possible to overdose on NiceOne?

NiceOne recommends a dosage for each formula which is clearly given on each product label. This dosage should not be exceeded. But if you do exceed the dosage, there is no health risk. Exceeding the recommended dose makes no scientific sense, as the body can only absorb a limited amount of nutrients at any given time.

Where can I buy NiceOne?

All NiceOne formulas are sold prescription-free, and can be purchased by anyone. It is possible to order them directly from our online shop. NiceOne products are available in select stores.

I am a shop owner and would like to sell NiceOne Products. What should I do?

Send us an email at vertrieb@niceone.de , or call us at +49 (0)89 72018983 .

I'm a cool guy and an aspiring athlete. Can I get on the NiceOne team?

We're waiting for you. We are always looking for people to enhance our team. Send us your best CV and a letter explaining why you know you belong with NiceOne at sponsor.me@niceone.de

How long does a package of NiceOne last?

It depends on the specific formula, the recommended dosage and how much you are taking. You will find all the necessary info on this directly on the packaging of each formula and in the product information .

NiceOneUV Protection contains 60 capsules, for example. We recommend one capsule per day, so this product will last two months.

How are NiceOne products manufactured?

Product formulas are developed by NiceOne.
Our years' long experience in the medicine and biology keep us on the cutting edge of scientific knowledge. NiceOne includes only substances which have been studies scientifically for their qualities and effects. Once the recipes are complete, the products are manufactured by a certified manufacturer in Germany.

Can the capsules go bad?

There is an expiration date on each package of NiceOne products, which should always be observed. It makes no difference if the package has been opened or has remained closed. The important thing is that the products are not exposed to extreme temperatures. It is best to store NiceOne products in a cool, dark place.

Do the products contain substances which are prohibited, or which are on international doping lists?

All NiceOne formulas are sold prescription-free.
There are no substances in NiceOne products which would enhance athletic performance in a way which is prohibited by law. The select manufacturers of NiceOne products are certified and professional. NiceOne tests its products in a special lab for quality control, so that competitive athletes can have complete confidence in us.


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