“I think it’s good that the experiences of completely different athletes find their way into NiceOne’s product development.”

Hi Caja. Please shortly explain to us what exactly is meant by freeskiing.
Freeskiing divides into two parts: freeriding and slope style. Freeriding means backcountry skiing, off-piste skiing in deep powder snow. The very wide skis that can increasingly be seen in the skiing regions over here as well are used for this. In slopestyle, you ride in parks over kickers and other obstacles like rails, for example. Or in a halfpipe. There you use a ski that is less wide but still bent up at its nose and tail.

Which one do you enjoy more?
I enjoy both! When it has snowed extremely, I ride off-piste on my fat skis. On days without fresh snow I go riding in the park. I addition, I try to go on a longer journey every season. Of course, I`ll be riding powder snow then as well. Like last year, for instance, when we were in Kashmir in India. To me it is essential to be able to be as creative as possible in skiing, and in doing so, backcountry and powder skiing are just as important to me as park.

How was your trip to India?
I was in the Kashmir region, the northernmost part of India at the Pakistani border, with Lena Stoffel. It was a girls-only film and photo trip with the intention to ride the region’s longest powder slopes. We had a really unforgettable time there: We were heliskiing in the Himalaya, fed wild monkeys in the snow, met countless border soldiers, lived on a houseboat, poked around the markets of Delhi and got to know many interesting people. (Editor’s note: A link to the movie “A Journey to India” by Felix Urbauer can be found in Caja’s portrait).

Freeriding constitutes only part of your winter. Explain to us how a slopestyle contest usually goes.
You ride a line with several obstacles through a snow park. The jury judges your jumps by difficulty and execution and awards points. Whoever gets the most points makes it to the next round, until eventually the best riders compete in the final.

What does your preparation for the winter season look like?
I do a lot of sports year-round and accordingly I have a good general fitness. When winter is over, I immediately think of other kinds of sports that I like doing. For example hiking and bicycling. Additionally, I attend strength training at the sports school Puch in Fürstenfeldbruck. There I get a training schedule that is specifically designed to meet my requirements and consists of a combination of strength and fitness training.

And in addition you ride horses.
Sadly, I am currently not riding. Riding horses has long been my passion. I used to participate in contests and had my own horse. But unfortunately the sport is very time-consuming as you have to take great care of your horse. Therefore I don`t ride at all at the moment, but I think about buying a foal so that I can resume riding in two or three years.

Which contests will be your highlights for the coming season?
Definitely the Nine Queens Invitational in Serfaus in March. And I will certainly go on a longer trip with my girlfriends once again to shoot some photos and film. Not as far away as last winter, though. We`ll stay in Europe.

You have been part of the NiceOne team for half a year now. What are your experiences so far?
I first got in touch with NiceOne via Andi Wittman and was immediately pretty skeptical and even sneered at him for taking it . But then I nevertheless got curious, informed myself about it and realized that it is just the right thing for me, especially in combination with my strength, fitness and ski training. I also like that NiceOne is committed to more than one sport. I think it’s good that the experiences of completely different athletes find their way into NiceOne’s product development.


Freeride Ski

Caja Schöpf



Home town
Ohlstadt/Bavaria, Innsbruck/Tirol


Home spots
Garmisch, Mayrhofen, Ehrwald, Hintertux


Favorite trick
Unnatural 3


Other sports
Biking, running, hiking and (hopefully again soon) horse riding


Current goals
Olympic Winter Games 2014, Sotschi


Fiat Freestyle Team, Peak Performance, Völkl, TSG Protection, Oakley Eyewear, Dakine, Dalbello, Marker Bindings, Contour, NiceOne


A Journey to India (Video by Felix Urbauer)






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